Janet Zoldan, Ph.D

Principal Investigator



Dr. Zoldan received her BSc degree in chemistry from the Hebrew University, and then pursued her master’s degree and a doctorate in the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, Department of Materials Engineering, specializing in polymer science. For her postdoctoral training, she joined Dr. Shulamit Levenberg’s Lab at the Technion and delved into stem cell biology. Receiving both the Aly Kauffman Fellowship and the Technion’s Outstanding Woman Scientist in Engineering Award allowed her to join Dr. Robert Langer’s lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In the Langer lab, she focused on nucleic acid delivery to human embryonic stem cells and protein microfluidic delivery. In 2013, Dr. Zoldan joined The University of Texas at Austin as an assistant professor. Research in the Zoldan lab focuses on human induced pluripotent stem cells as a model system to explore key principles underlying cardiovascular tissue formation processes and regenerating ischemic tissue.

Dr. Zoldan has recently received the prestigious Scientist Development Grant from the American Heart Association,  the Alliance of Regenerative Rehabilitation Research and Training award and was named a 2017 Emerging Investigator by the Journal of Biomaterials Science. Additionally, she is currently serving on the scientific advisory board for the next Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine International Society World Congress.