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Alicia Passes Her Proposal!

Alicia Allen, a fourth year graduate student in the Zoldan Lab, passed her proposal on June 22nd. Alicia discussed her recent work on the generation of aligned cell sheets and proposed leveraging her current system to produce aligned cardiac patches. Congratulations Alicia

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Chengyi Passes His Proposal!

Chengyi Tu, a fourth-year graduate student in the Zoldan Lab, has passed his thesis proposal. He proposes to investigate how reactive oxygen species and the PI3k pathway direct stem cell fate, with a detailed focus on cardiac stem cell differentiation. Congratulations Chengyi!

Chengyi, with his new orca, ROS!

Elissa Barone and David Shu Win URFs!

Elissa Baron (working with Alicia Allen) and David Shu (working with Cody Crosby) received undergraduate research fellowships (URFs), which includes a stipend of $1000.00 to aid their research. From the UT Office of the Vice President for Research:

The Undergraduate Research Fellowship (URF) program provides support for specific scholarly research projects conducted by full-time UT undergraduate students enrolled in any department. These fellowships are intended to cover costs associated with academic research projects proposed and written by student applicants and undertaken with the supervision of a university tenured or tenure-track faculty member, lecturer, senior lecturer or full-time research scientist/engineer.

Krista Wins a URF!

Krista Polansky, a sophomore who is working with Julie Strickland, received an undergraduate research fellowship. She proposes to use this fellowship to isolate the individual progenitor cell populations found in murine neurospheres.

Dr. Zoldan Invited as Tissue Engineering Expert to NIH Meeting

On April 4th, Dr. Zoldan attended a meeting of tissue engineers and material scientists in Bethseda, MD hosted by the National Eye Institute to assist in the development of retina organoid technology and set appropriate benchmarks for progress in the field.  Recent publications have highlighted the significance of creating 3D optic cups that mimic developmental process in humans.

Dr. Zoldan Hosts Dr. Steven Abrams for “The Doctor is in the House” Seminar Series

On April 7th, Dr. Zoldan invited Dr. Steven Abrams, chair of pediatrics at Dell Medical School, to present at her seminar series “The Doctor is in the House”. Dr. Abrams gave an energizing talk “Global Childhood Malnutrition: Engineering Solutions for Human Problems” to a packed seminar room. Throughout the talk, Dr. Abrams emphasized the need for engineers and doctors to collaborate on important unsolved engineering problems, ranging from incorporating rare metals into the diets of malnourished children to re-designing the milk dispensers of premature infants.

The Zoldan Lab Welcomes Christine Wei!



The Zoldan Lab welcomes Christine Wei, a junior at UT Austin who will be helping Cody Crosby and Julie Strickland with the development of their hydrogel-liposome system.

I wanted to join the Zoldan Lab, because of its work with stem cell research. This research has so much potential, and even the smallest amount of progress in understanding these cells will be revolutionary in the medical field. In this lab, I hope to better understand how stem cells function and react, and to help work toward developing medical applications that can help patients in the future- Christine Wei

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